PM delivers address on COVID-19 impact to Somalia

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire on Thursday addressed the nation on the COVID-19 crisis in the country and re-emphasised the importance of complying with the health instructions coming from the health experts and the ministry of health.

“Only those who implement the health recommendations from the health authorities will be safe from this disaster. The safety of the public today lies in the observation of social distancing and stopping of visiting friends and relatives. Only those who comply with the health orders could be recognised as patriotic and conscious citizens, ” said PM Khaire in his televised address.

He stated that the national COVID-19 emergency response committee whose members comprise the government, the religious scholars, medical doctors, businesspeople and the civil society are working hard to support the Somali people, economically and in terms of health.

He affirmed that the COVID-19 medical centres would be increased and testing capacity enhanced so many people would get access to be tested for the virus.

The government is engaged in purchasing important health equipment to stem the spread of the virus.

The World Bank is expected to purchase the much-needed equipment on behalf of the government, following a request from the federal government, said Prime Minister Khaire.

He further said that his government has asked the international donor organisations to divert their funds to the health sector and support the vulnerable low-income families affected by the disease.

He added that the Ministry of Finance and the business community agreed to lower the taxes on essential food supplies to curb the economic effect of the disease.

The Prime Minister reiterated calls to the business people to show mercy to the people during this difficult period.

He encouraged the religious scholars to advise worshippers to pray at their homes since saving lives is more crucial now than performing religious obligations.

He lauded the work of the medical workers and reminded them that it is time their service was most needed by the public.

iated news affiliate SomaliMemo. Weakened by sustained military operations led by the SNA and AMISOM forces, al-Shabaab is increasingly relying on lies and propaganda, including releasing gruesome pictures of unverified civilian casualties, in an effort to grab media attention, as well as deceive the Somali public.


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