SW state parliament approve motion to extend regional leader term in office


The regional parliament of southwest state has unanimously approved a motion to extend the term for the sitting president, Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed Lafta-Gareen on Monday.

87 members of the regional parliament were present during the special session held in Baidoa, the administrative capital of the state.

All the members present approved the one-year extension for President Lafta-Gareen administration which will now end on 2024 same as the regional parliament.

The move has now re-aligned the president’s term in office with that of the regional parliament which was selected late last month.

The speaker of the assembly, Dr. Ali Saed Faqi who chaired the session officially announced that the members of the parliament voted in favor of the motion and the president’s term was extended to 2024.

President, Abdiasis Hassan Mohamed alias Lafta-Gareen was unanimously elected to office on December 2018.


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