Security agencies nab armed men in Mogadishu


Somalia’s law enforcement agencies have arrested several gunmen who allegedly disguised as protesters in Mogadishu following public uproar over the killing of two people.

Addressing the media, Somali police boss, Abdi Hassan Mohamed said the police officers in cooperation with NISA bounced on men during yesterday’s protest in the city.

Acting on public tip off, the security forces managed to arrest armed culprits who were trying intermingle with the protesters, investigation into their case is ongoing,” said Mohamed.

According to the police boss, the men arrested include two armed men and three other accomplices.

It is not yet clear what was their motive.

The official urged public to be vigilant as the terrorists could mingle with demonstrators and cause harm

Security tighten

The security forces have erected several checkpoints in parts of the city to foil any imminent threat.

Bombs and assassinations in the city have drastically dropped in number thanks to the intensified operations including vehicles going and out of the city subjected to undergo inspection.

The government has also introduced other security measures to undermine attacks by the terror group.

Somali military backed by African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) has ramped up operations against al-Shabaab fighters in central and southern Somalia, giving the terror group no time to plan heinous attack in the city.

Al-Shabaab which once controlled many parts of country including the capital was squeezed into handful remote villages in southern and central Somalia.

The group lost control of the city in 2011 after several days of deadly fighting with Somali military and AU forces.


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