Eastliegh enters first day of lockdown as COVID19 rises

Nairobi’s Somali community dominated neighborhood, Eastleigh has today started to observe movement cessation following announcement by the country’s ministry of health.

The business booming centre aka little Mogadishu will be loss hundreds of thousands of its customers from other parts of Nairobi as other East Africa towns as the estate is declaring to be hotspot for Coronavirus.

Wednesday, Health Minister Mutahi Kagwe announced Wednesday Eastleigh and Old Town in Mombasa will come under lockdown with effect today 7pm.

“You cannot leave the area to go to another area. This will take place for 15 days,” Kagwe said.

CS Kagwe also directed the immediate closure of markets, restaurants and eateries within the two perceived virus hotspots for the same period as well as cessation of public transport.


As Thursday, no public transport operates in and out of the neighborhood, a move many including the area’s legislator, Yussuf Hassan criticised.

Speaking to the media, Hassan said the government had not discussed the lockdown with stakeholders including the traders and the politicians over the lockdown.

Hassan stated in earlier on Thursday the community leaders and the government agreed to not impose lockdown on the estate but later the government reached unilateral decision.

“We are so concern about the decision by the government of Kenya to put on lockdown. We do not know the reason why the government wants impose lockdown on the neighborhood while other areas with more cases are yet see lockdown,” he said.

Only sixty cases

The number of COVID-19 cases in Eastleigh and Old Town have increased rapidly in the last few days. Of the 29 cases recorded in Nairobi Tuesday, all of them were from Eastleigh.

The neighborhood has so far registered sixty cases since the outbreak was announced in the East African nation in mid-March.

The legislator has criticised the government for discriminating Eastliegh which has less cases than number of areas.

“The estate has only 60 cases while over 400 cases were reported other areas. So why not the government not to impose lockdown on those areas,” he said.

The lockdown will last for 15 days the minister added noting the government will from today henceforth career for the cost of quarantine in state facilities

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