Eastleigh businesses remain closed for second day

The business centres in Somali dominated neighbourhood estate in Nairobi have remained closed for the second days following the government’s cessation of movement order.

Hundreds of police deployed in the neighbourhood are patrolling in different parts of the estate as dozens of road blocks were mounted in the area.

Most residents of Biafra, Sun City, Section Three, California, Pumwani and a section of Pangani remained indoors.

Along the busy First Avenue sections of Garage and Garissa Lodge Shopping Centre, all the shopping malls were shut.

Wednesday, Health Minister Mutahi Kagwe announced Wednesday Eastleigh and Old Town in Mombasa will come under lockdown with effect today 7pm.

“You cannot leave the area to go to another area. This will take place for 15 days,” Kagwe said.

CS Kagwe also directed the immediate closure of markets, restaurants and eateries within the two perceived virus hotspots for the same period as well as cessation of public transport.

The lockdown will last for 15 days the minister added noting the government will from today henceforth career for the cost of quarantine in state facilities

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