Somalia now has second-highest rate of Covid-19 spread in horn of Africa

The Coronavirus cases in Somalia has passed 1000, making the Horn of Africa nation second-highest in the region.

According to the daily brief by the country’s health ministry, country recorded 57 new Coronavirus cases, raising the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the country to 1054.

The ministry said of the new cases, 23 were registered in the Banadir region, 17 in Puntland and another 17 in Somaliland.

The gender breakdown of the new cases is reported to be 41 male and 16 female.

Over the same period, eight patients made a full recovery and three others succumbed to the virus.

The Ministry of Health registered 51 fatalities and 116 recoveries so far.

Minister Fowsia Abikar made repeated pleas to the public to abide by the health guidelines on preventing and containing the spread of the virus.


The tiny Horn of Africa nation with highest number of cases of Coronavirus has recorded 21 new COVID19 cases in the last 24 hours, bringing the country’s total confirmed cases to 1210.

The new cases were reported out of 248 laboratory tests, according to the country’s ministry.

Health Ministry said Djibouti had conducted a total of 15,304 COVID-19 tests so far with three death & 847 recoveries.

On Sunday, Djibouti announced plans to begin lifting lockdown measures largely for economic reasons.

“By tomorrow the process of incrementally unlocking the country will start in Djibouti,” Mahmoud Ali Yousuf said in one of a series of Twitter posts.

“The stakes are high but there is no other option: people need to make their living and go to work,” he added.


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