Kenya charts out a withdrawal for its military in Somalia

The Kenya government has charted plans out for the withdrawal of its military soldiers in the neighbouring Somalia.

According to exit book launched this week, Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) which has been operating in Somalia since 2011 has set several exit pillars.

The book will guide the forces its withdrawal from the Horn of Africa nation.

The immediate former Chief of Kenya military Samson Mwathethe said the book highlights Kenya’s Military in the African Mission in Somalia, 2011-2020.


Kenya like other countries contributing soldiers to the African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) is expected to exit by December 2021.

The book contains five pillars which facilitates and lays out the exit plan of the East Africa nation ‘s military from its neighbour.

According the book, the first pillar is creating conditions for the exit of Amisom from Somalia. It will involve reforms in the Somali National Army and enabling the country’s security forces to lead operations towards sustainable peace.

The second Pilar puts more efforts on stabilisation and developing peace in Jubbaland as the region has long border with Kenya.

“This will involve securing routes in Jubbaland accessible to and used by al-Shabaab, including areas in Jilib, the roads to Kenyan border points (Liboi, El-Wak, Mandera, Gherille and Boni forest) and Indian Ocean ports of Ras Kamboni, Kuday, Kismayu and Barawe,” the book says.

The third pillar is having a comprehensive management control system to secure the Kenya-Somalia border, a process that will involve “surveillance, trenches, roads and chain-link fences”.

The fourth encompasses strengthening the operations of multi-agency command and control centres in Nairobi, Mombasa, Wajir, Moyale, Busia, Namanga, Lamu and Lokichoggio.

The fifth pillar involves partnerships through strengthening the agreement involving Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia on common security concerns and agenda.

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