Puntland Quranic schools to re-open amid COVID19 uptick

Somalia’s Puntland state Quranic schools will soon be re-opened after more two months Education standstill following the outbreak of coronavirus.

The Horn of Africa nation had suspended learning following the outbreak of Coronavirus in the nation in mid March.

Speaking to the media, Puntland Justice Minister, Awil Sheikh Hamud said the state decided to lift the suspension on the religious learning institutions.

Hamud has said the move was taken on the grounds that the sector was effected negatively by the suspension.

“The teachers suffered losses, so, we decided just to resume the learning and take much precaution measures to avert the virus,” he said.

Under pressure, to be get back to ‘normal’ – or at least some version of ‘new normal’ – the minister said the state has been in discussions with educators, public health officials and other parties for weeks on the re-opening issue.

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