UN envoy urges Somali parliament to work on elections

The UN Special Representative for Somalia and Head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in the country (UNSOM), James Swan has on Saturday called upon the Somali members of parliament to work on the realization of free, fair and peaceful one man one vote in the country.

While addressing the joint parliament during the opening of the seventh and final session before elections, ambassador Swan reminded the legislators on the expectations of the Somali people and the international partners towards the national assembly.

“The eyes of the Somali people, as well as those of Somalia’s international partners, are on Parliament as you begin your work to advance pressing national priorities. These include work related to the upcoming national elections, amendments to the Political Parties Law, and consideration of the report of the joint ad hoc committee on the Electoral Law, as well as the presentation by the National Independent Electoral Commission.” Ambassador Swan said.

He said the horn of the African country is at crossroads and it is the right time the federal parliament should unit by taking the necessary step towards viable democracy and stability.

“Honorable Members, Somalia is at a critical juncture, and the work of the Federal Parliament will determine Somalia’s path to democracy and stability for many years to come. Unity of purpose among Somalis is indispensable as the country traverses this arduous and delicate period.”

On the other hand, the special representative pledged the full support of the United Nations office towards the federal parliament in deliberating its duties.

“Be assured that the United Nations remains committed to supporting your work as you begin this important session.” He said.


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