Somali military court sentences soldier to death for murder

The Somali military court has on Wednesday sentenced a soldier to death for killing.

The ex-police officer Nur Dahir Gedi was found guilty by the court for the murder of Omar Hassan Moalim in Mogadishu Hamar Jajab district following an argument.

He shot dead the victim who was a street vendor based on disagreement on a piece of cigarette.

The offense was committed on 16 June this year before presented to the chambers for the prosecution of the suspect.

The chair of the armed forces courts Major Hassan Nur Shute who announced the verdict said the ruling is open for an appeal if the convict is not convinced by the decision of the jury.

The martial court which specifically prosecutes terror-related cases has been accused by the human rights groups for gross human rights violations.

The advocacy groups argue that suspects do not receive justice during the trial saying they are not accessible to defense lawyers. The officials of the court have however dismissed the blame.

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