Kenyan security forces clash with al-shabaab in Mandera


Police on Friday night thwarted an attack on a police post by suspected Al-Shabaab suspects in Mandera County.

No one was injured during the 10pm incident, officials said.

Mohamed Abdikadir Osman, a police officer Takaba, said the attackers targeted a telecommunication mast but when they failed to bring it down and stormed a nearby Police Post.

“There was heavy exchange of fire and the militants fire RPGs but we’re repulsed by the officers,” he said.

Kenya’s northeastern region has been borne the brunt of grenade and gun attacks in the last several years since Kenya took its troops to Somalia to fight the al-Shabaab group.

Al-Shabaab group has been attacking areas along Kenya-Somalia border while targeting mostly non- locals working in the region.

Many people, majority of them non- locals have as a result lost their lives with others left with permanent injuries.

The group vowed to continue staging attacks on Kenya’s soil until the East Africa nation withdraws from Somalia.

Kenya had sent its troops to Somalia in 2011 to fight al-Shabaab following several attacks in Kenya’s coastal region allegedly conducted by the terror group.


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