No certificates for examiners from Puntland state, Education Minister


Somalia’s Education Minister Abdullahi Godah Bare has ruled out the possibility of recognizing the results by examiners from Puntland state.

Speaking during an interview with VOA Somali services the minister said the Federal Education Ministry will not provide certificates to students from the region after officials in the area failed to cooperate with the national government on the examination exercise.

“The responsibility of the national government is to give certificates to all students who sat for the exams by following the rules and regulations but it is unjust to provide a certificate to an examiner who didn’t take similar exams.” He said.

The national examination for primary schools has kicked off on Saturday and expected to conclude on Wednesday but students in Puntland state commenced their exams one week earlier.

The since 2003 region which does not subscribe to the standardized federal exam system organizes its own exams.
Garowe’s argument is based on the quality of learning and the massive examination irregularities experienced during exercise.


  1. shshahaadada dawlada fadaraalka soomaaliya waxay noqotay mid ay dad gaar ah ay kaleeyihiin dano siaasadeed oo ku dhisn nin jeclaysi iyo qabyaalada waxaana ugu baaqayaaa in dawlada fadaraalku arintaa ay wax ka qabato.


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