Somali parliament approves amendment on political parties’ bill

Somalia’s Lower House of Parliament has on Wednesday approved an amendment to a bill on political parties in the country.

The session chaired by the speaker Mohamed Mursal Sheikh was attended by 142 members in which 137 supported the changes, three declined while two others abstained.

The bill will be submitted to the head of state for Presidential assent in the next coming days.

According to the members of the parliament, the political parties’ law is very significant for the democratization process in the country ahead of the upcoming elections in February next year.

Somali Political Parties Law was ratified by the Parliament, and signed by the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia in September 2016.

According to article two of political parties’ law, a political party is an organization that is comprised of the different parts of the society with real accountability measures that present various political plans and candidates for the general elections as it participates in the formation of the government or an opposition government.


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