Kheyre turns his dismissal to resignation

Somali prime minister, Hassan Ali Kheire has said he accepted to step down tender his resignation barely hours after the parliament voted for his removal.

In a press conference, Kheire terming the vote of no confidence as illegal said that MPs had acted unconstitutionally.

“Knowing that what happened in the parliament was illegitimate, away from the correct procedure for the removal of an executive, and it was not in the chamber’s agenda and neither consistent with the constitution, I have decided to leave the position I have been holding for the Somali people,” remarked the departing premier.

He said he was quitting the post to set a good example in leadership.

“I have decided to be an example for the Somali people by resigning from the position I have held for the Somali people,” said PM Khaire.

Khaire, the longest-serving PM in post-civil-war Somalia was ousted on Saturday following vote of no confidence by the Lower House.

Following the closure of the parliamentary session, Speaker Mursal Abdulrahman announced the outcome of the vote.

“In a quorum of 178 legislators, the government lost the vote of confidence by 170,” the speaker said.

Before his premiership, Khaire worked in development and spent a decade working with the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) working his way up to be the regional director for the Horn of Africa.

Khaire is a dual Norwegian citizen who once worked as a primary school teacher in Norway and also for the Norwegian Refugee Council before joining the British energy explorer, Soma Oil and Gas.

He had resigned from his job at Soma Oil as the executive director for Africa to take up the job of the prime minister.


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