EU, AU, IGAD call for consensus to end Somalia’s political crisis

Somalia’s international partners have been dropping statements urging the country’s stakeholders to seek resolution barely a day after the country’s prime minister was toppled by the parliament.

In a statements, European Union, African Union, Intergovernmental Authority Development have called for unity in realizing concrete agreements on the ongoing electoral talks in Somalia.

The blocs said the country’s leadership must rally all stakeholders to ensure the talks in Dhusamareb which are set to resume mid next month result in an agreed electoral model.

They also called for completion of priority areas such as security sector reform, the fight against Al Shabaab, the Constitutional Review, the Judicial Services Commission, Human Right Commission and the Constitutional Court.

“The African Union Commission and IGAD urge Somali leaders to show unity of purpose, commit to the agreements reached in Dhusamareb and respect the agreed timelines in line with the Provisional Federal Constitution,” a statement jointly issued by AU and IGAD read in part.

“They further underscore the importance of ensuring that the agreed electoral model that will emerge from the technical committee is underpinned by broad based consensus involving parliament, political parties, civil society and other Somali stakeholders.”

In seperate statement, EU vice president Joseph Borrel criticized the manner in which Khaire was removed noting the change of government in Mogadishu would derail progress made thus far including agreements by the Federal Government and Federal Member State leaders in Dhusamareb.

“Regrettably, the developments in the House of the People of Somalia on Saturday represent a setback for Somalia and for the confidence of the European Union in the progress of Somalia,” Borrel said in a statement.

“The procedures under which a motion of no confidence in the cabinet was passed did not meet minimal constitutional requirements.”


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