Galmudug resolves unpaid concerns of salaries in its Assembly

Dozens of Galmudug lawmakers have announced that they dropped Speaker of Parliament Dr Mohamed Ga’al following an agreement to end months long dispute over lack of salaries.

On Wednesday, in a meeting brokered by the state’s deputy leader, Ali Dahir Eid, the speaker and the lawmakers have reached an agreement on the salaries of lawmakers.

According to sources, the sides delineated on the concerns and agreed to resolve the differences between them in support of the state’s top leadership.

The two sides sat down after a dinner meeting with the Vice President of Galmudug.

Lawmakers are said to have been without pay for several months, instead claiming that the speaker did not support them.

Late last week, dozens of lawmakers have vowed to oust the speakers by submitting motion against him.

The lawmakers accused the speakers of using funds which did not passed by the assembly to refurbish his office.

They also accused the leadership of the house of failing to process the payments of the lawmakers saying they went without payments for months.

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