Turkish ambassador denies Somali soldiers deployment to support Libya GNA

The Turkish ambassador to Somalia Mehmet Yilmaz has strongly rejected media reports alleging that Ankara is pursuing the deployment of Somali soldiers to Libya in order to support the UN-backed government of Prime Minister Fayaz Al Saraj against renegade General Khalifa Hafta.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency during an interview, ambassador Yilmaz termed the claims baseless while pointing finger to the unnamed state for spreading propaganda in the social media.

“Social media is very powerful in Somalia. We are observing the efforts of some countries to manipulate the area for their interests. We see this as a targeted effort. Those allegations are not true. There is no truth to these claims,” the ambassador said.

Turkish envoy lauded close cooperation with the Federal Government of Somalia mainly in the security and humanitarian sector since the first visit of President Erdogan in August 2011 saying his country’s main interest is to train Somali armed forces to strengthen peace and security in the horn of African nation.

“Turkey’s military cooperation with Somalia is of critical importance for this country. It contributes to Somalia’s security and its fight against terror,” he said.

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