Galmudug vows to intensify military operations against al-Shabaab

Galmudug authorities on Thursday vowed to intensify military operations against al-Shabab militant group.

Security Minister, Ahmed Fiqi said the operations to smoke out al-Shabaab from the state will be carried out.

The minister stated that they will soon deploys forces to different areas in the state to liberate villages under al-Shabaab fighters.

According to the minister, the operations against al-Shabaab fighters will be conducted in the forthcoming days.

The move comes amid the state had commenced the selection of hundreds of reformed clan militias to undergo training in a military base.

Despite efforts flush out the group, Al-Shabaab still controls areas in Galmudug state.

Group lost many town in Galmudug state after engaging in heavy clashes with Ahlu-Sunna Waljama some years back.

On Wednesday, the fighters of the group raided a village near Ba’adweyne town, prompting heavy fighting with the locals.

According to sources in the village, the fighting claimed lives of fourteen people from both sides.


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