UPDATE: Gofgadud DC killed in al Shabaab attack

The district commissioner of Gof-Gadud in Bay region of Southwest state, Buray Isak Ali is among four people killed during armed group al Shabaab attack on Monday.

According to sources, a senior security official in the area was also among those who lost their lives in the attack.

Somali army radio also confirmed the death of two soldiers and the injuries of four other Somali military personnel.

The group launched an assault on a military base manned by Somali National Army and ceased briefly before being repelled following reinforcement from Baidoa, the administrative capital of Southwest state.

The attack is the third within the last 24 hours after Somali security agencies ended a deadly raid on Elite hotel in Mogadishu on Sunday evening where 16 people were killed and several others wounded.

The group said via its online media that several government officials were killed during the attack by its fighters.


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