Head of Mogadishu prison suspended over prison clashes

Mogadishu prison commissioner has been suspended following a recent clashes at the facility.

In a press conference, Somali custodial corps chief, Mahad Abdirahman Adan told the reporters that Brig. General Aden Hussein Kulmiye pending further investigation.

Dahir Abdulle Raghe was appointed a acting successor to take his place.

It is not yet clear if the suspended commissioner would arraigned in court.

Last week, at least 19 people including prison guarfs were killed and scores wounded in a shoot-out inside the prison.

According to the officials, the clashes erupted after prisoners snatched guns from guards.

The government has launched investigation into the incident.

During the clash, one of the prisoners managed to escape after killing a soldier and a civilian outside the facility.


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