Military court sentences soldier to death for killing civilian in southern Somalia

A military court in Somalia on Saturday sentenced a soldier to death by firing squad for killing a civilian in Southern Somalia.

In Kismayo, SNA court judge, Bashir Mohamed Hared said the court found Farah Abdirashid Elmi guilty of murdering a civilian.

Elmi alongside Mohamed and Abdi reportedly killed Abdi Mohamed in Abdalla-birole village on the outskirts of Kismayu town.

“The court has found Farah Abdirashid guilty of killing Abdi Muhumed. After different eyewitness testimonies, the court convicted Bashiir, and give him death sentence,” Hared said.

The court also sentenced Mohamed Rashid to three years in prison for helping the convict during the crime.

Somali military tries military soldiers and al-Shabaab members who are accused of committing crimes.

The country carried out dozens of executions of soldiers and militants who were accused of either killing civilians or taking part in deadly attacks.

Human Rights groups have been calling on Somali government to commute death sentences to imprisonment.


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