Turkey donates vehicles to Somali military

Somali military received twelve vehicles from Turkish government, latest military equipment delivered to Somalia amid the fight against al-Shabaab intensified.

Turkey, a longtime ally of horn of Africa nation has been supporting Somalia to rebuild its military which was weakened by three decades of civil war.

In a statement, Turkish defence ministry said their government delivered 12 off-road vehicles to Somalia as part of bilateral military and financial cooperation agreements.

The statement further said the vehicles, which are meant for use over rough terrain, were supplied for the Somali 3rd (Eagle) Infantry Battalion.

According to the ministry, the handing over event of the vehicles took on 22th of this month.

Turkish government had come for the help of Somali people following 2011 severe drought which hit the Horn of Africa nation.

In 2017, the Turkish built military academy in Mogadishu, which is Turkey’s largest military base overseas opened its doors.

The facility which was built at a reported cost of $50 million is located along the Indian Ocean strip in Mogadishu some 5 kilometres from Aden Adde Airport.


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