President Farmaajo Signs Amended Media Bill

The President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has signed the long-awaited media bill.

The new law will allow the Somali government to establish the Somali Media Commission through nominating, approving, and appointing members of the body.

According to Villa Somalia communications director Abdinur Mohamed Ahmed, the bill which is officially a law now after Presidential assent defends the press freedom in the country that is ranked one of the states with worst media freedom record in the world according to a recent report by leading media rights advocacy organizations like the committee to protect journalists (CPJ) and reporters without borders (RSF).

“We have improved the law. It is no more a controversial one,” The spokesman of President Farmajo told Halqaran News.

The Federation of Somali Journalist Union (FESOJ) has welcomed the changes made in a new law but called for more action from the government to protect the rights of the Journalists.

Officials from main media advocacy groups in Somalia including the Federation of Somali Journalist Union (FESOJ) and Somali Media Association were present in an event where the acting prime minister Mahdi Mohamed Guled was present during the opening ceremony of a media contact center between the two sides.


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