Somali President Farmaajo selects Mohamed Hussein Roble as next PM

Somalia’s new prime minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble who is new the country political arena has much do than enjoy office as the country approaches elections which is schedule to kick off before end of this year.

Roble, a civil engineering from Somali National University was late Thursday to replace Hassan Khaire who was ousted in a no-confidence vote on July 25.

In his appointment letter, president Mohamed Farmajo urged Roble to urgently form a cabinet which can complete the remaining task.

“I expect the new prime minister to form a government that can facilitate the elections as well as advancing the achievements in spheres like security, re-organisation of the armed forces, development of the economic infrastructure, expansion of public service delivery and overcoming the challenges posed by terrorism and corruption,” the president said.

With less than five mandate time, prime minister Roble will have to implement FGS-FMS deal on poll which was inked hours before he was selected for the post.

He will have lead the country to elections which according FGS-FMS deal on Thursday, to start from November.

The prime is also needed to make significant efforts to consolidate security gains and pave the way for peaceful elections.

Some of the tasks he face he is to meet, accelerating efforts to eradicate al-Shabaab which recently started attacks on SNA in southern.

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