New Djiboutian shipping company links Somali ports to Turkey

A new Djibouti shipping company that connects Somali ports with Turkey through trade was unveiled in Mogadishu port on Friday.

The vessel will transport commodities such as agricultural and livestock products to turkey bringing Turkish made products in return within two weeks.

It will make a stopover in Berbera- Bosaso and Kismayo route during its four weeks round trip.

The previous ship journey between the two nations took between 45-60 days.

The process is expected to boost already growing trade between Mogadishu and Istanbul and the economy as well.

“We will implement an easy flow business strategy to boost business traffic and contact with the outside world.” The trade minister Abdullahi Ali Hassan.

Somali chamber of commerce has also welcomed the new initiative.

With a new road connection to the agricultural reach region of Lower Shabelle, the framers are set to ripe the benefits by transporting their produce to the port.

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