Somalia: Cargo plane crash-lands in Mogadishu Airport

A cargo plane carrying consignment to central Somalia has crash-landed at Aden Adde Airport in Somali capital, Mogadishu.

According to sources in Adan Added International Airport, the plane slammed a wall in airport at about 9 am local time.

The casualties of accident are yet to established as the authorities have commented of the incident.

The plane which was Kenyan registered cargo plane belongs to Nairobi aviation company, Silverstone Airline.

The crash is the fourth involving Kenyan airlines in accidents in Somalia since the belonging of this year.

One thought on “Somalia: Cargo plane crash-lands in Mogadishu Airport

  1. This is obviously a classic case of African greed and corruption. Either the plane was not properly maintained or it was overloaded with cargo.

    Our hearts go the poor crew of these planes who are often sacrificed on the altar of greed, cronyism, and corruption. There is no cost to the owners as they are covered by insurance.

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