New Somali PM requests Federal Parliament For Approval

Somalia’s new Prime Minister has requested the federal parliament to approve his appointment.

Speaking in Mogadishu to the state media first time since his appointment Mohamed Hussein Roble said the swift endorsement by the parliament will allow him to form new cabinet without wasting time.

He also thanked the head of state for the trust upon him.

” I am honored that the President of the Republic, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, has appointed me as the Prime Minister of the country, and I have accepted. I respectfully ask the members of the House of Representatives to give me the confidence to carry out my duties.”

According to sources close to the House of the People, the parliament is expected to overwhelmingly approve the new premier.

Sources also indicate that most cabinet in Hassan Ali Khaire administration will be reappointed to continue the progress made in various sectors.

According to political analysts elections and security issues are main tasks awaiting the new comer prime Minister.

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