Ahmed Madobe backs PM Roble, calls for endorsement

Jubbaland leader, Ahmed Mohamed Madobe has welcomed the appointment of Mohamed Hussein Roble as Somalia’s new PM.

Speaking in Mogadishu, Ahmed Madobe called on the members of the federal parliament to approve, terming Roble as competent person to head the office.

Madobe said the country need more time to waste as the elections are nearing.

“We need to waste no time, I urge all the member of the federal parliament to approve the appointment of the new prime minister,” he said

The remarks of Madobe comes ahead of President Mohamed Farmaajo’s plan to present Roble to the Lower House for approval upon which he will form a new government which also requires parliamentary approval.

By getting the green light of the parliament, Mr. Rooble will have to implement FGS-FMS deal on poll which was inked hours before he was selected for the post.

On Sunday, Rooble has called on parliament to approve him for the post.

In a meeting with Lower House speaker Mohamed Mursal, the new PM urged the lawmakers to endorse him so that he can go ahead to form a new government.

“I want to ask the House of the Peoples for a vote of confidence, hoping that they will give me a vote of confidence, so that I can carry out my duties,” said Prime Minister Roble.

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