Prime Minister Roble vows to combat gang rape

Somali prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has vowed to accelerate the fight against gang rape in the country amid increase in rape cases with the latest three cases happened in Mogadishu this month.

Speaking in Mogadishu on Sunday, the prime minister emphasised that his first would be to establish prosecution office to deal sexual offences.

Roble called on the public to work with security forces in the combat against sexual violence.

He noted that his government will never leave any stone unturned to eradicate evil acts involved in by criminals.

The remarks of the prime minister come less than a month after a 20 year old women was allegedly raped and thrown to death in Mogadishu.

The fateful day, another young in one of the IDP camps in the city was sodomised by two men in clad SNA.

The following week was another case of sexual violation in Mogadishu after a five-year-old was raped in by a neighbour.

A family in Fanaole village in Kaaran district said their daughter was taken in by a neighbour and raped.

Digfer Hospital confirmed the baby was raped and said she was undergoing treatment at the facility.

The government reported that they have arrested several suspects to linked to rape cases in the city.

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