SNA and AMISOM agree to accelerate war on al-Shabaab


Somali military and AMISOM commanders have jointly agreed to intensify operations against al-Shabaab.

In a statement, AMISOM said AU and SNA forces committed to enhancing coordination on joint military operations to counter the threat posed by Al-Shabaab terrorists.

‘’AMISOM and SNA will jointly conduct targeted offensive operations against Al-Shabaab and liberate territories ahead of the transfer of security responsibilities to Somali security forces,” the statement said.

Commanders from SNA and AU have held meeting in Mogadishu to discuss a matter of importance to establish a Joint Operations Coordination Cell.

The meeting was attended by AMISOM Force Commander, Lt. Gen. Diomede Ndegeya, the SNA Commander Land Forces, Brig Gen Abas Amin Ali, and AMISOM and SNA sector commanders.

The SNA Commander Land Forces, Brig. Gen. Abas said it was significant to collaborate with AMISOM.

“We hope that our collaboration continues and succeeds against the enemy (Al-Shabaab) and liberating the remaining territories,” said Brig. Gen. Abas.

Gen. Diomede Ndegeya said the mission is taking a new direction as “we get to the end stage and prepare the transfer of security responsibilities to the Somali security forces.”

“The reconfiguration will enable us to maintain operational effectiveness, conduct offensives, and respond to threats in our Area of responsibility,” said Ndegeye said

AMISOM Force Commander, Lt. Gen. Ndegeya pledged AMISOM military component’s readiness to support the National Electoral Security Task Force to safeguard Somalia’s upcoming electoral process.


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