Military Court in Puntland sentences two al-Shabaab convicts to life imprisonment

A military court in Northeastern state of Somalia, Puntland on Monday sentenced two Al-Shabaab militants to life sentence after they were found guilty of being al-Shabaab members.

According to the prosecutors, the men were nabbed along with minor during security operation in Galgala mountains in last month.

During court proceeding, Saed Ibrahim Hirsi, the prosecutor of the military has urged the court to sentence the men death.

In a statement on Sunday, the court said three were found guilty of being al-Shabaab fighters.

Two of the suspects, Ismail Abdullahi Ibrahim and Hassan Kulow Ibrahim were sentenced to life imprisonment years.

The court also decided to move the third one identified as Mohamed Ibrahim to juvenile jail where he will be kept until his trial starts at civil court.

Puntland State forces are fighting Al-Shabaab, pro-IS militants and pirates in the region.

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