Somali spy agencies intercept explosive making materials meant for al Shabaab

Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) said it has seized 79 tonnes of sulphuric acid that was on its way to the armed group al Shabaab.

A statement posted on the National Intelligence and Security Agency’s Twitter account said an unspecified number of suspects are also in custody awaiting investigations.

“A total of 79 tons of sulphuric acid have been seized and the individuals who smuggled it into the Al-Shabaab will face the law. The investigation is being carried out jointly by NISA and the Anti-Terrorism Partnership.”

The new seizure of the bomb-making material comes a day after the Somali police force reopened key road intersections closed for months for security purposes.

The new prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble ordered the reopening of the roads to ease the flow of traffic following complaints from the members of the public mainly the residents of the capital.

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