Somali regional authorities and AMISOM officials discuss election security

Officials from Hirshabelle state and AMISOM peacekeepers have discussed ways to further cooperate on security in the upcoming regional and federal elections.

The regional leaders led by Hirshabelle security minister Mohamed Abdirahman Kheyre met with officials from the Federal government and AMISOM, and UN officials in Jowhar on Sunday.

The two sides reiterated calls to closely work together to ensure security during the significant electioneering period.

Somali parliamentary elections are scheduled to commence early next month before the crucial presidential elections in February next year.

As mandated, the peacekeeping forces in the country are tasked to help the federal government provide security during a significant process.

The government of Somalia has deployed extra security forces in Hirshabelle to beef up security in the region which is scheduled to conduct state elections.

On Sunday, Somali PM and UN envoy discuss priorities ahead of elections.

The high-level meeting discussed the latest development in security, peacebuilding, and economic development.

The meeting also briefed on the progress made ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections in November and the long-awaited presidential polls in February next year.

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