Turkey Kicks Off Training of 450 Somali Special Force

Turkey has commenced the training of up to 450 Somali special forces in its joint Somali-Turkish military base in Mogadishu.

A statement from the Turkish embassy in Mogadishu which confirmed the process said that the troops will be part of an infantry unit of the Somali National Army to be trained to strengthen offensive against the armed group al Shabaab.

The unit is the sixth contingent trained by the Turkish military following a defense pact between the two countries after opening the military academy in August 2017.

The six intensive months of training will provide the recruits will battlefield skills and other military abilities.

Turkey is among countries including the US, EU, and Qatar that provide capacity building to Somali armed forces in a bid to rebuild the security sector in the horn of the African nation that was weakened by the violence that erupted following the ouster of former military ruler Mohamed Siyad Barre in earlier 1990s.

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