PM Roble retains key cabinet from his predecessor


Somalia’s new Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has retained key ministers from the previous government including Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Affairs, Planning, and Finance to strengthen reforms achieved in the economy, planning, and international relations sectors.

Mahdi Mohamed Gulaid, Ahmed Isse Awad, Abdurahman Duale Beyle, and Gamal Mohamed have retained their previous positions.

Former sports minister Khadija Mohamed Diriye was also maintained as a new minister for emergency and humanitarian affairs.

Defense and Internal security ministers didn’t survive the ax of the new cabinet.

Roble was appointed by President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo on September 18th after former premier Hassan Ali Khaire was ousted by the parliament via a vote of no confidence on July 25.

The new administration is composed of 70 cabinet members including 27 ministers, 17 state ministers, and 26 deputies.

Election schedule, security, and economic reforms are key challenges awaiting the new cabinet once approve as President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has called upon the parliament to immediately approve the new cabinet in order to get to work.

The country is scheduled to conduct parliamentary elections as early as next month before presidential crucial elections in February next year.


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