Hirshabelle submits names for Federal Elections Committee

Hirshabelle has announced its list of members to the Federal Elections Committee in line with agreements reached by the country’s leadership last month.

The leader of Hirshabelle state Mohamed Abdi Ware submitted the names of the four committee members to the office of the Prime Minister Mohamed Roble.

The four persons are Abdinasir Mohamed Guleid, Mohamed Mohamud Adow, Farhiyo Hassan Osman and Liban Osman Nur.

The committees will oversee the parliamentary elections set to start from December 1 culminating in the elections of a new president in early February.

Somalia is expected to hold elections this year as articulated by a deal jointly signed by the federal government and its member states.

The deal approved by Somali parliament allows the formation of a 21-member dispute resolution committee to serve during the election period.

The committee will be independent with nine members from the central government and 12 representing the federal states and will handle any electoral issues that may arise.

The committee is expected to safeguard the integrity of the election modality, the rights of the electorate and candidates, and ensure fair and just settlement of complaints from the electorate and from the candidates.

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