Yemeni boats ‘carrying weapons seized in Puntland

Somali forces in Somalia’s northeastern regional state have seized several vessels suspected to have been transporting weapons into the country.

In an operation carried out along Elayo, Ad’ade and Lasqoray coast in the region.

According to statement by Puntland state, the forces were acting on public tips off.

“Following reports of boats suspected to have been carrying weapons, Puntland forces launched operation to target the vessels in those areas,” the statement reads in part.

The statement further noted the operations will be continuous for the next few days in those areas.

During the forces confiscated unknown number of boats, According to sources.

For the last three decades, the Horn of Africa nation has been facing arms embargo aiming to curb any illegal weapons making their way into Somalia.

In January 1992, the Security Council introduced an open-ended arms embargo on Somalia over the ongoing conflict and deteriorating humanitarian situation.

In February 2007, the council limited the embargo to non-state actors, allowing arms supplies to Somali government forces.

Last year, the council again renewed for another year the partial lifting of the arms embargo on Somalia which comes to end next month.

The council also banned chemicals used for making improvised explosive devices in order to minimise threat by al-Shabaab bomb making sections.

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