Bardale airstrip reopens after six months of closure over aviation security

The first passenger plane landed in Bardale airstrip, Bay region of Southwest state on Tuesday following six months of shut down.

All flights routine to the district was suspended after a Kenyan airplane was brought down by an Ethiopian forces missile in May.

Six people including the crew members were killed.

The Ethiopian military later said it mistakenly brought down the plane because they believed it was on a potential suicide mission because they had not been informed about the unusual flight and the aircraft was flying low.

The troops are part who were stationed in the area were part of peacekeepers helping Somali forces in the fight against the armed group al Shabaab.

The plane was transporting carrying humanitarian and medical supplies to help the country fight the spread of coronavirus.

A team of investigators from Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia visited the area for investigations but did not release the outcome.

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