Puntland assembly strips 8 MPs immunity


Puntland parliament has voted to lift the immunity of eight lawmakers on grounds that they violated house standing orders.

The lawmakers cast a majority vote of 35-3 in favour of the motion which stripped the lawmakers of protection from prosecution. Only one member abstained from the vote conducted Thursday morning.

It was not immediately clear which of the standing orders the lawmakers went against. The names of the MPs are as follows:

  1. Abdijamaal Osman Mohamed
  2. Abdiqani Abshir Surato
  3. Muse Said Hassan (Jajabsay)
  4. Abdiaziz Salad Ga’may (Baduugaye)
  5. Mohamud Mohamed Barre
  6. Suleiman Farah Isse.
  7. Abdirahman Mohamud Mohamed (Dhorre)
  8. Mohamud Ahmed Aalim.
    A similar motion early last December was passed against former speaker Abdihakin Dhoobo Daareed following a fall out with state president Abdullahi Deni.
    The consequences of the vote remain unclear since there were no charges facing the affected lawmakers.


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