Jubbaland leader Ahmed Madobe calls for dialogue to end differences with federal gov’t


Jubbaland leader Ahmed Mohamed Madobe has called for dialogue to resolve differences over electoral process.

Recent months, Jubbaland and Puntland states have been calling for withdrawal of federal troops from Gedo region.

Speaking at a ceremony to mark the second anniversary of Saed Abdullahi Deni’s tenure leadership, Madobe said his administration is committed to iron out the stand off between Jubbaland and the federal government.

“I think, the main issue that caused our differences is Gedo region, we urge the government to come up with an amicable settlement of the dispute,” he said. “We all need to see commonly agreed elections in this country.”

The leader urged the federal government to take full responsibility to lead the country towards credible elections.

“We expect to see free and fair elections. We are to committed to stand with the government in order such elections to take place,” Madobe noted.

Early last year, Somali federal government deployed troops in Gedo region, a move that agitated Jubbaland leader.

Forces loyal to Jubbaland state leader and federal forces last March clashed in Beled-Hawa town in Gedo region. Several people were injured and hundreds were displaced from their homes. The town is still under the control of the federal forces.


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