Somalia dispels reports claiming SNA soldiers killed in Tigray conflict

Somali government has dismissed reports claiming Somali soldiers were killed in Tigray conflict in northern Ethiopia.

Last Sunday, ex-deputy Intelligence chief Abdisalam Guleid had claimed over 370 soldiers who were flown to Eritrea for training course were killed in Tigray after they were deployed in Tigray region to fight alongside Ethiopian military.

In a televised statement, Information Minister Osman Abukar Dubbe said that social media reports suggesting presence of Somali forces in Tigray are “fabricated”.

Dubbe stated no Somali forces were involved in Tigray conflict saying there are no Somali forces trained in other countries that were sent to a conflict area.

“There are no Somali forces in the Somali National Army who have fought in northern Ethiopia and the Tigrean region, and there is no reason for it to happen, and no one has requested for them,” he said.

The remarks of the minister came hours after number of mothers who spoke to the media urged government comment on the allegations. The mothers called on the government to return the soldiers in the country.


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