Ex-Mogadishu mayor calls for calm in Gedo region

Thabit Abdi Mohamed

Former Mogadishu mayor Thabit Abdi Mohamed has called for cessation of hostilities and a rapid return to normalcy in Beled-Hawa town near Somalia-Kenya border.

In a statement, Mohamed urged federal and Jubbaland state authorities to resolve differences over Gedo region to end military tension.

“I express concern over the renewed clashes in Gedo region, I call on both sides to spare the public. We urge both federal government and Jubbaland state to iron out their differences at the negotiating table,” he said.

The remarks of Mohamed comes a day after forces led by fugitive Jubbaland security Minister Abdirashid Janan attacked Belet-Hawa town.

The fighting which last for about six hours claimed lives of more than eleven people, most of them civilians.

Somali government accused Kenya of organizing and supporting Janan forces to the border town.

The accusations by Somali were also echoed by
Mandera East Member of Parliament Omar Maalim who Kenya has been hosting Janan forces for the last ten month in Mandera town.

“They had crossed border from Somalia to Kenya ten months ago, they have established a camp and this is known by Kenyan government, they have a camp in Barwako location, town word in Mandera East Constituency,” Maalim who confirming presence of Jubbaland forces in Mandera.


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