UN calls for calm in Mogadishu

United Nations (UN)) has called for calm hours after violent protests hit part of Somali capital.

In a statement, the global body expressed concern over armed clashes in Mogadishu overnight and on Friday morning.

The statement called for calm and restraint by all parties involved, urging that open lines of communication be maintained to help reduce tensions.

“UN in Somalia notes that the clashes in #Mogadishu underscore the urgent need for Federal Government and Federal Member State leaders to come together to reach political agreement on the implementation of the 17 September electoral model,” the statement reads in part.

The call by the UN comes hours bodyguards of opposition leaders and Somali forces clashed near Mogadishu airport.

The casualties of the clashes are yet unknown as the tension is still high.

Somali government has not commented on the issue but the opposition accused the government of orgasming forces to attack opposition leaders.


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