Opposition leaders call for another rally in Mogadishu

Somali presidential candidates (CPC) has reiterated their call for new rally in Somali capital barely three days after security forces dispersed protesters.

In a press conference on Monday, Former President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed said the protest will resume on Friday 26 at the Unknown Soldier monument.

“We hereby confirm that protests will take place in Mogadishu. We call on the public to participate the rally which will take place on Friday,” he said.

Sharif said the opposition will make. Sure the demonstration to be peaceful.

“People will express opinion and exercise their rights to protest. We are committed to ensure the demonstration take place peacefully,” he said.

He distanced the opposition from the remarks of former commander Yusuf Indha-Ade’s saying the remarks by Indha-ade do not reflect the views of opposition and that the Federal Government should not translate his remarks to mean that of the opposition.

During an interview with Dalsan, Mogadishu based TV, Indha-ade said his forces took control of Daljirka-Dahsoon (The Unknown Soldier monument).

He stated that the country has no government and people are needed to take over the control of the capital until a new government is formed.

Meanwhile, Abdirahman Abdishakur who spoke at the press conference lambasted the international community for ‘watching and ignoring the brutal incidents of 19 February in Mogadishu.’

On Sunday, Somali government has accused the opposition of pursuing a path of illegality and armed insurrection disguised as peaceful demonstrations.


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