Somali Police foil suicide attack in Mogadishu

Somali police have today foiled an attack on a police station in Somali capital following a tip-off from members of the public, police and information ministry confirmed.

In a statement, Somali police said a suicide bomber was arrested after he threw a vest packed with explosives near a station located near Hamarweyne Mall which is one of the busiest areas in the market.

The IED caused heavy explosion in the area but no casualties were so far revealed by the federal government of Somalia.

“The police officers got a tip-off from members of the public at about 11:25 am local time of an impending attack and were on standby,” said Sadik Adan Ali, the spokesperson of the police.

The spokesperson of Somali ministry for information, Ismail Mukhtar said the police nabbed the attacker as he attempted to ran away after throwing the vest in the direction of the station.

Al-Shabaab in a statement claimed the responsibility for the attack saying the blast injured Hamarweyne police commissioner and his deputy.


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