Drone attack destroys al-Shabaab training base in southern Somalia

Suspected US drone has bombed al-Shabaab training base in southern Somalia, killing over dozen fighters, Somali military officials confirmed.

According to Somali military who spoke to the media, the attack took place on Wednesday in a Kumba village 12km away from Jamame town.

SNA officials said intelligence reports confirmed that a missile attack on the base killed 15 al-Shabaab members including top commanders. An unknown number of fighters were also wounded.

US government has not yet commented on the latest airstrikes against al-Shabaab fighters in southern Somalia.

Somalia and the US governments have been in cooperation to fight al-Shabaab for over six years.

During these years, US drones killed top Al-Shabaab officials including the group leaders Adan Hashim Aero and Ahmed Godane who were eliminated in 2008 and 2014 respectively.

Al-Shabaab currently controls remote villages in south and central Somalia after losing many major towns including the capital to Somali military backed by AMISOM troops.

The group carries out deadly bomb attacks in major towns.


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