FGS and FMS leaders urged to urgently agree on implementation of 17-Sep poll deal

Somalia’s partners have called on the leaders of Somali federal government and the regional state to resume the talks on the implementation of the electoral process deal signed by the leaders last September.

In a statement, the international community urged the leaders to include their agenda the proposals by Technical Committee who met in Baidoa town last month.

“We also urge FGS and FMS leaders to hold the planned summit in the coming few days to confirm implementation plans for the 17 September agreement and conclude the review of the 16 February Technical Committee proposals so that the electoral process can begin without further delay,” the statement reads in part.

The foreign envoys in Mogadishu have welcomed the continuation of talks on 1 March between Federal Government of Somalia Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and the Council of Presidential Candidates saying the partners appealed to the Prime Minister and the Council of Presidential Candidates to make further progress.

President Mohamed Farmaajo has been at loggerheads with the opposition and a section of Federal Member State leaders over the modalities of the long over due presidential and parliamentary elections.

The opposition demanded last week Farmaajo resigns and hands over power to a transitional body and also called for the removal of the heads of the military, police and intelligence over their role in the February 19 incident.

Puntland leader Saed Abdullahi Deni also echoed similar demand but the federal government had not responded the conditions.

Last night, Somali president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo called for another round of talks between federal government and its member states in Mogadishu.


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