Somali gov’t to probe 19th-Feb incident in Mogadishu

Ra'iisul Wasaare Maxamed Xuseen Rooble

Somalia will investigate clashes on Feb. 19 between government security forces and opposition bodyguards of opposition presidential candidates during demonstrations in the capital Mogadishu.

Following a meeting between Somali prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and the Council Presidential Candidates (CPC) on Monday in Mogadishu, the office of the premier has appoint fact-finding committee to probe the incident.

The committees will also work on ensuring that peaceful protests are held on March 6 as agreed by Roble and opposition presidential candidates in their second meeting at Aden Adde International Airport earlier in the day.

During the meeting last week, the government and opposition had agreed to the postponement of opposition demonstrations for ten days and that the Federal Government will solely provide security.

PM Roble also apologized for use of live bullets by security forces against opposition protesters on February 19.

President Mohamed Farmaajo has been at loggerheads with the opposition and a section of Federal Member State leaders over the modalities of the long over due presidential and parliamentary elections.

The opposition demanded last week Farmaajo resigns and hands over power to a transitional body and also called for the removal of the heads of the military, police and intelligence over their role in the February 19 incident.


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