Pro-opposition rally to take place at Daljirka-Dahsoon

Daljirka Daahsoon ee Muqdisho / Sawir hore

Somali government has allowed the opposition to hold protests at Daljirka-Dahsoon (The Unknown Soldier Monument) in Somali capital.

In a statement, information ministry said the government has agreed with the opposition leaders that the opposition protests to be held at the original venue.

The statement accepted that the government previously proposed it has proposed Engineer Yarisow Stadium to host the rally.

According to the statement, the opposition leaders insisted to have it at original venue, the Unknown Soldier’s Monument in central Mogadishu.

The Council of Presidential Candidates Union are expected lead their supporters to hold anti-government rally on March 6.

The union, which comprises 14 presidential candidates from the opposition was allowed proceeded with their plan hold rally after a meeting with Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble.

The meeting with Roble took place on March 1 in Mogadishu.


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