Lower house dispels reports to sack PM Roble

Ra’iisal Wasaaraha XF Soomaaliya, Maxamed Xuseen Rooble

Secretary-General of the Somali Parliament, Abdihakim Haji Abdi Buh has dismissed claims that the members of the house are preparing motion to oust prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble.

In a statement, Buh denying the allegations said that there is no proposed motion intended to send him the premier.

“False rumours have been circulating in the city that the parliament intends to fire PM Roble; this is untrue,” said Buuh in a statement issued on Wednesday.

The secretary general urged the public to work on peace in this hard time.

“In this difficult moment, the people and  government must work together to maintain the stability and development of their Somalia,” he said.

The remarks of Buuh comes speculations serviced on social media claimed that the parliament is pushing plans to dismiss PM Roble hours after he opposed term extension.


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